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Optical Multiplexer

DESSS telecom offers a wide array of multiplexers that allow cost effective and efficient transport of E1 or T1 lines, E3 or T3 tributaries and Ethernet over fiber optic links. Our excellent high quality multiplexers have a range of 120kms.We provide multiplexers to cellular operators, utilities, transportation networks, large business organizations. DESSS telecom’s optic multiplexer come along with a network management system that provide easy configuration and help in performance, security and fault management.

We offer the following multi plexers:

  • 4XE1G 703 + 4X Ethernet Fiber Multiplexer
  • 8XE1G 703 + Ethernet Fiber Multiplexer
  • 16XE1G 703 + SNMP & LCD Panel Managed multi service Multiplexer
  • 30 Voice (FxS/FxD) POTS Fiber Multiplexer
  • 360 Voice (FxS/FxD) POTS Phone Over Fiber Multiplexer
  • 4XE1G 703 + 2XV.35 + 1 to 8 Channel Voice Fiber Multiplexer
  • SIM – 1 over GE (IP) SDH and IP Multiplexer
  • DS3 T3 Fiber Modern / extender / Converter
  • 4 Channel video over fiber
  • 64 Channel video over fiber
  • AN – Mini SDH
  • TCP / IP to RS 232/422/485 Converter

If you are interested in buying optic Multiplexer from us call us @ 713-589-6496.

4 x E1 G.703 + 4 x Ethernet fiber multiplexer

AN-FM-120-4ETH is state-of-art 8 x E1 G.703 + Ethernet 10/100BaseT fiber multiplexer with logical bandwidth control, QoS, and dot1Q

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8 x E1 G.703 + Ethernet fiber multiplexer

The AN-FM-240/ETH family are standalone and rack mountable fiber 8 x E1 + 1 10/100BaseT  modems available in a number of d

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16 x E1 G.703 + Ethernet fiber multiplexer

The AN-FM-480/ETH family are standalone and rack mountable fiber 16 x E1 + 1 10/100BaseT  modems available in a number of

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SNMP & LCD panel managed multiservice multiplexer

AN-FM-600 series SNMP managed, LCD console equipped, carrier class 1+1 double 155 Mbit/s fiber optical multiplexer with modular

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30 Voice (FXS/FXO) POTS fiber multiplexer

AN-FM-PCM30 fiber mux is an optical transmission equipment realizing long-distance voice transmission through fiber. Primary interfaces are FXS/

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360 Voice (FXS/FXO) POTS phone over fiber multiplexer

AN-FM-700 phones over fiber multiplexer offers a great way to send over same fiber up to 360 phone lines connecting higher density CO with remot

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4 x E1 G.703 + 2 x V.35 + 1 to 8 channel voice (FXS/FXO) fiber multiplexer

AN-4E1-2V35-8V fiber mux provides full solution for multiplexing 4 x E1 lines + 2 x V.35 + 8 x Voice channels over single fiber pair for efficie

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STM-1 over GE (IP) - SDH over IP Multiplexer

As a cost effective solution for the traditional telecom services migrate to the IP packet networking technology, 

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DS3 T3 Fiber modem / extender / converter

AN-DS3 is a high-speed fiber optics modem that converts DS3/T3 signal into optical data stream.

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4 channel video over fiber

AN-DV4000 series VoF unit can transmit 4  lines bidirectional digital video broadcasting, 1-2 lines bidirectional high-fidel

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64 channels video over fiber

AN-DV64000 series supports any high resolution dynamic or stationary picture high-fidelity transmit. It also can be anti-disturbance against sev

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AN-miniSDH is a carrier-class, cost-effective, compact (only 1U high) SDH/MSPP platform

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TCP/IP to RS-232/422/485 converter

AN-IP-RS232-485 is TCP/IP - Ethernet to RS-232 / 485 / 422 3 in 1 converter inegrated with a robust system and network management features for i

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