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Media Converters:

These are simple networking devices used to connect two different media types like a twisted pair with fiber optic cables. These converters play a vital role in inter connecting fiber optic cable system with copper based cable system. We can interconnect networks,Network devices with different speeds, operation types and, modes.

The benefits:

  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Offers great flexibility.

Optical Multiplexer:

This is a device used for multiplexing or routing different channels of light into or out of a single mode fiber.


  • Appropriate for high speed fiber networks.
  • Offers multiple access capability.

Passive Optical Equipment:

This is a point to multipoint, fiber to premises network architecture. In this device, unpowered optical splitters are used to enable a single optical fiber to serve multiple premises.


  • Very efficient each fiber optic strand can serve 32 users.
  • Low building cost.
  • Low maintenance cost.