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Synchronous Digital Hierarchy


Synchronous Digital Hierarchy is a standard technology for transmitting data on optical media. This is the equivalent to synchronous Optical Network.


  • Very flexible.
  • Provides advanced network management and maintenance features.
  • Slower signals can be multiplexed to higher SDH signals without any intermediate stages.


Multi Service Access Node which is also known as multi service access gateway is a device installed in a telephone exchange that connects customers telephone lines to core network. This enables telephone, ISDN and broadband from a single platform.


A digital subscriber line access multiplexer is actually a network device mostly located in the telephone exchange of the telecommunications operators. Using multiplexing technique it connects multiple customer digital subscriber line to high speed digital communications channel.


  • Used by hotels, lodges and other business that has their own telephone exchange.
  • It acts as a data switch and multiplexer.
  • It also acts as a large collection of modems.
  • Enables better performance of DSL connections.