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Broadband Network Solutions Houston

In all the organizations that are growing day after day it becomes mandatory to upgrade their network infrastructures so as to converge voice, video and data traffic. Every organization may face unexpected challenges and unwanted expenses when they take some network decisions. At DESSS Telecom we provide excellent services in deploying fiber-based and high speed data network. With experts in broadband network we offer prompt and efficient services in building large networks and also offer a full range of networking services.

We offer the following Broadband Network Solutions:

  • Classical HFC solutions: This broadband network combines optical fiber and co-axial cable. This helps operators provide cost-effective, reliable and flexible services.HFC architecture has sufficient bandwidth that help operators offer profitable services.
  • Data over Coax: This is a next generation technology which offers solutions for building professional FTTB networks by using existing coaxial cable.
  • Deep Fiber: This offers solutions that make it possible to build reliable broadband connections with reduced operating expenses.
  • H FC network management: The useful combination of cable network and management software reduces down time, increases network reliability and efficient performance.
  • Intelligent HFC solutions: Enables operational efficiency with the help of intelligent fiber optic nodes and amplifiers that configures automatically and integrates with management system.
  • RF over glass (RFoG): This is a deep fiber network design in which a Hybrid Fiber Coax is replaced by PON (Passive Optical Network).
  • RF overlay: These are solutions that help to broadcast TV using GPON/EPON technology.

Our services include:

  • Network engineering and documentation.
  • Interrogation and testing.
  • Field installation.
  • Remote monitoring.

If you are interested in our broadband network solutions call us @ 713-589-6496.