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At DESSS TELECOM, a telecommunication company we fully understand the network security, network access and other networking challenges that IT industries face today. We are ready to offer you solutions to address all these issues in an effective way. Our services on network protection, operations, enterprise networking that are flexible and cost effective has made us popular in this industry of telecommunication products and network services.

The differentiators:

  • Open enterprise networking structure offers flexibility and agility.
  • Simpler equipment but enhanced functionality.
  • Effective and efficient product portfolio.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Threat Management.
  • Simplified but effective single OS.
  • Customized enterprise network solutions to suit your needs.
  • Automated network that optimizes itself to give the best user experience.

You may need clean and quick access to Internet, Ethernet and MPLS based network solutions to suit your requirements. So our Enterprise network Consultants offer a wide array of network services that are flexible and scalable.

We offer the following services:

Internet access: We provide high-speed Internet with guaranteed bandwidth of 1.5 MbPs to 100 G. We offer private secure connections that are never shared between customers. Using our Tier 1 IP network it becomes easy to access the data and web based applications quickly without any hitch.

IP Transit: This service provides 24/7 high speed Internet without the need of setting up tier I IP network. This provides a wide array of bandwidth and billing options that makes it possible to offer cost-effective solutions.

Private line connections: if you want to transfer Private Communications between various locations we provide point to point connections.

Ethernet Private Line services: These services helps in transmitting data between various business locations at the speed of 100 GpBS.

MPL S IP – VPN: This simplifies network management and improves performance of applications with increased bandwidth.

Fixed broadband wireless access services: With this service it becomes possible to have the business demands of speed and reliability but without direct fiber access.

Co-location services: With these services effective interconnection becomes possible.

With our Enterprise Network Solutions you can become more business efficient and, attract and retain customers or more confidently protect your most secretive data and information and enhance business ROI.

If you are interested in our services please call us @ 713-589-6496.