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Next Generation Network Solutions Houston

Next Generation Network (NGN) is a strategically and effectively developed network that is developed and optimized keeping in mind the clients’ major business requirements. This network is so architected and built so as to include all the future technological advents and changes and provide total investment protection. It is a dynamic network that enables all the latest technological trends in mobility and cloud computing. The network is delivered as a service mechanism that helps all the business founders to form strategic business efforts to increase the business efficiency of the organization.

The advantages of NGN Network:

 Enhances quality of services: Today’s network that is built on basic QOS is not equipped enough to handle the video traffic and virtualization but the NGN has the features that will support voice and video integration.

 Higher standards: The current network is high standard based but the next generation network has space for all future development s.

Has warranty:  The current network come with limited support and warranty but NGN network not only offers warranty but also integrates management.

 Reduces networking cost: A low CAPEX network may often result in increase in OPEX, higher integration costs, more down time and serious security breaches but NGN promotes a system that reduces networking costs, enables IT improvements and paves way to new business improvements and enhanced ROI.

Security: NGN integrates high security capabilities with it from the premises to the cloud.

Bearing all these advantages in mind DESSS Telecom offers excellent IP-based solutions and robust portfolio that help you face the future technological challenges.

How different are we from others?

1, DESSS Telecom the telecommunication company offers NGN solutions that give a  lot of benefits to the end users  without being limited by network performance.

2.  We provide uncompromised real broadband services using which customers are empowered to change large amounts of data like audio, data and video with excellent connectivity levels.

3. We provide NGN services to rural, regional and Metros using two fundamental components of ‘The community Interconnect Grid’ and ‘Local access connectivity’.

4. We provide solutions that are fully governed by regulatory environment.

We offer the following NGN services:

  • A wide array of enhanced resiliency services to replace the basic services.
  • Security services to protect network and communication.
  • Extranet VPN solutions through which service providers can connect to each other in a safe and secure environment.
  • Add on port services that provide additional ports.
  • Application aware services to control application traffic.
  • The enterprise class CPE provides customer premise equipment with better features.
  • The IPTV services to negate all the capital and operational burden.
  • Mobile connect services.

If you are interested in our NGN telecommunication services contact us @ 713-589-6496.