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Wireless Network solutions Houston

In this fast growing world of telecommunication it becomes very crucial to get the right information where they are needed the most. At DESSS Telecom we provide wireless networking solutions voice, video and data applications so that your employees can go wherever they want be it an office room, a conference hall, or a warehouse but still can remain in touch with each other when needed the most. Whether it is video surveillance, intelligent transportation or wireless IP we are there to provide effective services.

How can wireless networking benefit your company?

  • Enhances mobility and fosters collaboration: Whether it is documents, e-mails, applications and other network resources, the employees can roam wherever they want but still be in touch with these to complete the job effectively. They can work in collaboration with the other employees and work effectively using wireless LAN.
  • Improved customer service: Today techno savvy customers expect quick response to all their queries. A wireless network can improve customer satisfaction.
  • Remain connected anywhere anytime: With wireless access point in a warehouse or library it becomes easy to remain connected anywhere any time.
  • Can add users: New employees can be added to the network without a fuss.
  • Enables guest access: You can provide Internet for guests and business partners

DESSS Telecom offers excellent data/video and voice connectivity solutions to build point to point, multi point and wide area networks. We offer designing and developing customized products, connectivity solutions and research and development solutions to suit your needs.

We provide the following services:

  • Wireless LAN solutions.(INDOOR)
  • Wireless WAN solutions. (OUTDOOR).

DESSS Telecom's LAN solution facilitates:

  • Anywhere LAN access.
  • Internet/intranet access.
  • Temporary LAN.
  • Enhanced terminals.
  • Extension of LAN.

If you are interested in our wireless networking services call us @ 713-589-6496.